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Unexpectedly at the “Perfect Dinner”: Marcel actually wanted to search his mother

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Marcel actually wanted to sign his mother up for the “Perfect Dinner”. But she had an even better idea. (Image: RTL)

No advance praise from other gourmets: “Marcel will sink today”, predicts Stephan (37) ahead of Day 2 of the “Perfect Dinner” in and around Mönchengladbach. And what really happens in Bruges, near the Dutch border, is a brilliant “shot in the oven”.

Chopped Lao salad, poppy seed mousse over a haze of dry ice, flaxseed oil parfait, and tomahawk steak: “The Perfect Dinner” has already seen countless highlights. On day 2 of the Mönchengladbach edition, all hungry mouths are open for one thing: Marcel (30) presents a touch of puff pastry on top of his appetizer soup, and that is homemade.

“You knead yourself to death,” marvels Madline, 33, who pragmatically served croutons made from baked ciabatta bread with her opening menu: “The end does not justify the means.” Anna (34) is also amazed: “She would have totally forgiven Him if she had bought ready-made puff pastry.

But the clerk in the small town of Bruges, on the Dutch border, shows ambition and a great deal of self-derision, as evidenced by the numerous punctuation marks in his menu tagline:

“(K) A shot in the oven?!”

  • Appetizer: zucchini / puff pastry / tomato / cheese

  • Main course: charcoal / potato / fennel / radicchio

  • Dessert: apple / yogurt

Happy host: Marcel (30) not only marks when he cooks, but also when he “threw in the oven”. (Image: RTL)

“He will make it tasty”

At 30, Marcel already has everything a young man could dream of: a wife, a home of his own, two young children, an impressive array of indoor and outdoor cooking equipment, and a good number of chickens. Plus, a mother who clearly throws him into freelancing – Marcel actually wanted to sign her up for the “Perfect Dinner”. However, the mother gave up and sent her son away (“He will make it delicious”). Kitchen partner Stephan (37) sees his new “Bro” as a “surprise egg” but doesn’t fully trust him: “I think he’ll be down today.”

Marcel takes this kind of motivation not only as an opportunity to fold and knead for hours, but also to give the charcoal on the grill an authentic cedarwood aroma by adding wooden planks and very finely aerating the potato garnish. The only downside is that he apparently only glues the advertised puff pastry shell to bowls of egg white soup: four out of five shells don’t rise when baking, but tilt by gravity, right into the zucchini soup. .

“Smells so comforting”

So it’s a good thing Madline said upon arrival, “Your house smells so comforting.” And what Stefan comes up with for the main course (grilled char with fan potatoes, homemade dips and fenche chicory salad) and dessert (apple crumble tart with homemade yogurt ice cream in a chocolate bowl) also satisfies Stephan’s expectations: “Mega demanding.” The result: 33 points and currently 1st place.

And it’s super funny what Marcel shoots at the end: Because according to his general menu “There is no shot in the oven!” was, he should be compensated. Armed with a plastic gun, they all aim at the scene of the delicious event, but only the puff pastry king and the unfairly doubted hit the target.

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