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Ukrainian refugees: on the run

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More and more refugees from Ukraine are arriving in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. How are countries dealing with this? And: what will become of Putin’s aides?

Volunteers and donations for Ukrainian refugees at a reception center in Vienna © Benedikt Loebell/​APA/​AFP/​Getty Images

Two million people have them. Ukraine he’s gone. In Berlin, more than 10,000 people arrive by train every day, and they are welcomed mainly by volunteers. Why? Also in Austria, the mood towards Ukrainian refugees is more positive than in 2015 towards those from Syria. Is that appropriate or a double standard? Discuss this on the podcast Bye. Hello. Hello. ZEIT correspondents Matthias Daum from Zurich and Florian Gasser from Vienna with Lenz Jacobsen from ZEIT ONLINE in Berlin.

Also in Bye. Hello. Hello.: What will really become of the many allies of the Russian regime in our countries? We’re talking about Swiss ice hockey officials, former Austrian ministers, Gerhard Schröder, of course, and Manuela Schwesig.

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