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Ukrainian refugees line up to board buses at the Medyka border crossing in Poland.

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Boy Encounters Sloth While Zip-lining Through Costa Rica’s Rainforest

A boy ziplining through a rain forest in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, on March 13 collided with a slow-moving sloth clinging to the cable. Flavio Leiton Ramos is the owner of Go.Adventure Arenal Park, where a tour guide captured the moment they ran into the unlikely obstruction. The tour guide can be heard telling the boy “there’s no break” at the beginning of the video, before the boy punches the sloth and comes to an abrupt stop. Ramos told Storyful that they did not expect there to be a sloth on the cable since the boy was the last of 8 customers to leave the platform. I connected to the cable,” Ramos said. “The good thing was that the boy was doing a great job of using the break and also, since the tour guide was with him, he was able to handle the situation. But the kid really did a great job.” According to the Go. Adventure Arenal Park website, customers on this tour have the opportunity to see various animals, including monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds and, of course, sloths.” The sloth or the child were not injured, and they just had to wait for the sloth to move out of the way for about 15 minutes,” Ramos said. Credit: Go. Adventure Arenal Park via Storyful

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