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Ukrainian president’s proposal: Zelenskyy would negotiate peace with Putin in Jerusalem – Politics

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has suggested Jerusalem as a possible location for negotiations to end the war with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Today it is not constructive to meet in Russia, in Ukraine or in Belarus. These are not the places where we can find understanding to end the war,” Zelenskyi told reporters on Saturday. “Do I think that Israel can be such a country, and Jerusalem in particular? I think so.”

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Both Selensky and Putin had recently called Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who met personally with the Kremlin chief in Moscow a week ago. So far, Russian and Ukrainian delegations have met three times for negotiations in Belarus, and the foreign ministers of the two countries met in Antalya, Turkey on Thursday.

In principle, the Kremlin did not rule out a meeting between Putin and Zelenskyy. “But first, both delegations and ministers must do their part to ensure that the presidents do not meet for the sake of the process, not for the sake of discussion, but for the sake of the outcome,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry said on Friday. Peskov.

There was speculation in the Israeli and US media that Bennett suggested that Selenskyj should surrender to Russia. Kiev rejected this account.

Zelenskyj talks about 1,300 fallen Ukrainian soldiers

Some 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the war broke out in Ukraine more than two weeks ago, Zelenskyy said. The Ukrainian military has so far kept a low profile when it comes to reporting losses in its own ranks, naming only the number of Russian soldiers allegedly killed.

[Alle aktuellen Entwicklungen im Ukraine-Krieg können Sie hier in unserem Newsblog verfolgen.]

“We killed about 1,300 soldiers and Russia killed more than 12,000,” the president said. Figures cannot be independently verified.

You can read more about the war against Ukraine on Tagesspiegel Plus:

More recently, on the second day of the war, on February 25, Selenskyj spoke of 137 fallen Ukrainian soldiers. In its only statement so far on March 2, Russia had given a figure of almost 500 dead at the hands of its own armed forces. Donetsk separatists recently spoke that around 200 of their own fighters have been killed so far. In early March, Moscow claimed that 2,870 soldiers on the Ukrainian side had already been killed. (dpa)

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