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Ukraine war: Survivor of Mariupol theater bombing says crushing panicked crowd ‘killed more people than the attack itself’

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Is North Korea’s Kim courting the younger generation?

STORY: This Hollywood-style video of a massive ICBM launch, featuring leader Kim Jung Un, was shown on North Korean state television on Friday (March 25). While it has sparked memes and remixes online, the analyst said it is more of a way to highlight Kim’s leadership and involvement in missile development. Hong Min is the director of the North Korea Research Division of the National Unification Institute of Korea: “Basically, the message is very focused on Kim Jong Un’s achievement and when you watch the video, everything is, I would say, more than a performance to talk about Kim Jong Un.” He added that the video could be aimed at the country’s young generation, which has been “secretly” consuming dramas and songs from South Korea, as well as from the West. But he said dignity of Kim could be compromised in the pursuit of viral fame.”North Korea’s young generation is less and less dependent on the state and leaders compared to the past, so the video could have been produced in a more light-hearted way.” on purpose … to attract young people, but it seems like it could backfire.” Details Some speculated whether the footage showed an older generation of North Korean missiles than the one Pyongyang claimed to have launched, but Hong said the attention and speculation in the video did not lessen North Korean threats at a range of 9,000 miles. it meant that it could attack targets anywhere in the world, except for some countries in South America and parts of Antarctica.

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