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Ukraine reports successful counterattacks, new fires in Chernobyl: it happened at night

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The Russian military continued its airstrikes against Ukrainian cities on Monday night. According to Ukrainian media reports, several strong explosions rocked the capital kyiv, as well as Lutsk, Rivne and Kharkiv. A fuel depot was attacked in Lutsk, in northwestern Ukraine. Air alerts had previously been raised in all regions of the country.

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The Ukrainian leadership accused the Russian army of “inhumane tactics”. These included the “partial or total blockade of humanitarian corridors, the blockade of besieged cities,” adviser to the president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Mykhailo Podoliak, wrote on Twitter. In addition, Russia is continuing “all-out missile strikes” against Ukrainian cities. To this end, the port city of Mariupol is being bombed.

The events of the evening at a glance:

  • The Ukrainian military reports successes: According to their own account, Ukrainian troops have launched successful counter-attacks in the vicinity of the city of Kharkiv, in the east of the country. Russian troops were expelled from several cities on Sunday, regional military chief Oleg Synegubow said on Telegram. “We are driving the occupiers back towards the (Russian) border,” he said. According to Ukrainian military information, there were also land gains near kyiv. The information could not be independently verified.
  • Russia brings new missiles to Belarus: According to Ukrainian military intelligence, in preparation for new rocket attacks on Ukraine, Russian launch pads in Belarus are being supplied with new and fresh projectiles. The rockets are intended for units with the “Iskander” weapon system stationed near Kalinkavitchy, he said. Ukrainian cities were repeatedly attacked by Russian missiles over the weekend. The “Iskander” system (NATO code SS-26 Stone) is a mobile launch base capable of firing both short-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.
  • Russia continues to defend itself from the perspective of the UK government. Blockade of the Black Sea coast of Ukraine effectively isolate Ukraine from international maritime trade. In addition, there are still sporadic missile attacks by Russian naval forces, according to an update from the British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence information on Monday night. However, the destruction of the Russian landing ship Saratov in the port of Berdyansk is likely to make the Russian Navy reluctant to conduct future missions near the Ukrainian coast.
  • In the area around the nuclear ruins occupied by Russian forces Chernobyl According to the Ukrainian authorities, new fires have broken out. “Large fires have started in the exclusion zone, which can have very serious consequences,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk wrote on Telegram on Sunday night. However, due to Russian troops, it is currently “impossible to completely control and extinguish the fires.”
  • United States President Joe Biden has denied calling for the overthrow of Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech in Warsaw on the Ukraine war. A reporter asked Biden on Sunday night: “Mr. President, do you want Putin removed? Mr. President, did you call for regime change?” Biden replied: “No.” Biden had called Putin a “dictator” on Saturday night and concluded by saying: “For God’s sake, this man cannot stay in power.” The White House later emphasized that this was not a call to topple Putin.
  • More than a month after the war began, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy accused Kremlin chief Putin in an interview with Russian journalists. a delay in peace talks In front. In the video conversation, which lasted about an hour and a half, Zelenskyj again called for Russian troops to withdraw from Ukrainian territory. Only then can there be security guarantees for Ukraine, which in turn are the basis for Ukraine’s withdrawal from NATO demanded by Moscow. Zelenskyi also repeated his announcement that only Ukrainian citizens could ultimately decide on Ukraine’s possible neutral status in a referendum.
  • Chancellor Olaf Scholz is considering establishing a missile defense shield for all of Germany based on the Israeli model. “That’s definitely one of the things we’re discussing, for good reason,” the SPD politician on the ARD program “Anne Will” said Sunday when asked if a protective shield against rocket attacks like Israel’s spread throughout the country. will be “We should all prepare for the fact that we have a neighbor who is currently willing to use violence to further his interests. That’s why we have to get so strong together so that this doesn’t happen.”

Several states have announced criminal penalties for using the Russian “Z” symbol in public. The Latin letter is used by supporters of the war in Ukraine. Berlin Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) told the Tagesspiegel: “If the context of the war is created using the white Z, as can be seen on Russian military vehicles, then of course that means advocating for an aggressive war. That would be punishable, so we will intervene immediately.”

EU interior ministers will discuss how to deal with the huge influx of refugees from Ukraine on Monday. The main focus must be on the distribution of the almost four million refugees to date among EU countries. The Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser (SPD), recently said that the goal should be a fixed quota for distribution in Europe. Meanwhile, Ukrainian and Russian negotiators could meet for a new round of talks, this time in Turkey. (dpa)

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