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Ukraine: Celebrities call for ceasefire

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To: 06/30/2022 15:04

Many celebrities have again called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and negotiations with Russia. The signatories also question arms deliveries. Ukrainian Ambassador Melnyk reacted with outrage.

German celebrities have again open letter urged Western states to end the war in Ukraine through negotiations. In the appeal entitled “Armistice now!”, published in the weekly “Die Zeit”, well-known German personalities such as the philosopher Richard David Precht, the writer Juli Zeh and the scientific journalist Ranga Yogeshwar call for a “push consultation” for the negotiations.

The long-term strategy is unclear

Europe is faced with the task of bringing peace to the continent and securing it in the long term. According to the letter, this requires the development of a strategy to end the war as quickly as possible. The longer the current Western measures last, the less clear it becomes “what war objective is associated with them”.

The humanitarian emergency around the world – including the famine in Africa – could also continue to worsen. There is also the danger of a nuclear escalation.

What’s going on in eastern Ukraine?

Plus, celebrities wonder if arms deliveries are the right way. A continuation of the war would mean thousands more war casualties, it is said. They also indicate that part of eastern Ukraine may remain in Russian hands, as “military experts consider that the recapture of all occupied areas, including Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and Crimea , is unrealistic because Russia is militarily superior and has the capacity to carry out new military operations”. belongs to climbing”.

The authors emphasize that there should be no peace dictated by Russia. However, what a possible solution might look like remains unclear. It is only stressed that the conditions must be created “under which negotiations are quite possible”.

Melnyk is outraged

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, tweeted: “Not yet, what a bunch of pseudo-intellectual dummies.” The authors should finally go to hell with their defeatist “advice”. Military expert Carlo Masala also said on Twitter: “The next attempt by people who have not yet dealt with international politics (with two exceptions) to demand things without presenting solutions.”

Celebrities previously wrote an open letter to Olaf Scholz in April. In this document, the Chancellor was asked not to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine any longer. At that time, feminist Alice Schwarzer initiated the letter, which was supported by 28 early signatories. There were also a lot of reviews about it.

However, there was also a letter signed by 57 public figures, in which the delivery of heavy weapons to Kyiv was explicitly requested.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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