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UEFA regulations threaten Russia’s bid to host Euro 2028

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Russia’s bid to host Euro 2028 may be rejected under current bid rules if it is deemed to have damaged the reputation of European football.
Russia announced on Wednesday its interest in organizing the tournament in the 2028 or 2032 version, despite the ban on the participation of its national team and clubs in international competitions “FIFA” and the European Football Association “UEFA”, due to the Russian Federation. invasion of Ukrainian territory.

The step taken by Russia means that it is, for the time being at least, a competitor to the UK and Ireland’s bid to host European nations’ “Euro 2028”, with Turkey also entering the race.

The Russian Football Federation has not been suspended by UEFA, which means that it has the right to submit the file to organize the continental championship.

Several leading figures from “UEFA” told the British news agency (BA Media) that they hoped to quickly reject the Russian offer and that there might be a way to reject it through the European Union regulations for bids to host competitions and endings.

And “UEFA” announced yesterday, Wednesday, that its Executive Committee “is still ready to hold further extraordinary meetings to reassess the legal and realistic situation as it develops, and to make additional decisions as necessary.”

The next scheduled committee meeting is scheduled for April 7.

If the Committee suspends the activity of the Russian Football Federation on that date or on any other date, the Russian file will also be in violation of Article 11 of the Regulations, which only allows the submission of hosting files by associations that do not they are suspended. excluded or dissolved.

The Russian offer has already been ridiculed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who described it as “beyond sarcasm”.

Johnson’s spokesman was forced to reiterate that the prime minister was “fully committed” to supporting the UK and Ireland bid on Thursday, after he appeared to back the idea of ​​awarding the championship to Ukraine.

A spokesman for the British prime minister said: “It is clear that we remain fully committed to the UK and Ireland bid to host Euro 2028, which has the full support of the Government.”

The spokesman added that the prime minister would “strongly” want UEFA to rule out Russia’s bid to host the tournament.

“All sports federations have taken responsible steps to exclude Russia from their competitions,” the spokesman said.

“They should not be able to compete or enjoy the possibility of participating in world championships,” the spokesman stressed.


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