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UEFA allows registration of new players in club competitions

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The European Football Association decided to allow clubs to register a maximum of new players for the remaining matches in the Champions League, the European League and the European Conference League before next April 1, as well as in the League of Women’s Champions, with the end of the registration period being April 7, according to certain requirements.
The Executive Committee of the Federation decided this Monday to modify the regulations of the men’s competition and approved a modification similar to that of the women’s Champions League, allowing the registration of a maximum of players, in line with the “FIFA” regulations on transfers of players .

UEFA explained that in the face of uncertainty over the military conflict in Ukraine, FIFA decided on the 7th and 16th of this month, after coordination and consultation with UEFA and other stakeholders, to amend the Player Transfer Regulations to provide security. legal and clarity on a number of issues and address the repercussions of the crisis on players.

Thus, Provisional Annex 7 of the Regulations was approved as “Temporary Rules for the Exceptional Situation that Led to the War in Ukraine”, which contains procedures related to the suspension of contracts between players/coaches and clubs of the Russian Football Federations and Ukraine.

The new measures, among other things, allow affected players to play for other clubs until June 30, 2022.

Therefore, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to introduce a procedure allowing clubs to register a maximum of two players, who have previously been registered in the Russian or Ukrainian Federation, and whose contracts have been suspended under Annex VII of the FIFA regulations.


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