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UAE Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee launches “Inspiring Faces”

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The UAE Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee has launched its latest initiative within the 50th year celebrations, “Inspiring Faces”, inviting all who call the UAE home to submit their stories telling the realization of projects that are about to positively change the future. of the United Arab Emirates.
The campaign focuses on the untold stories of those who play an influential role in shaping the country’s present and contribute to achieving the UAE Centenary 2071.

The committee asked everyone in the UAE to submit their projects by March 24, via email. [email protected]

The “Inspiring Faces” initiative is an archive of all projects that aspire to shape the future of the nation, in any field or specialty, whether in sustainability, food safety, art, culture, financial technology or other creative fields.

The initiative also aims to present the projects to the public to facilitate greater cooperation between various stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

All contributions submitted will be posted on the Fiftieth Year website and highlighted on social media channels.

Participate in the campaign
The campaign seeks to receive contributions, as long as they include the name and age of the candidate, the name of the project, its theme, the time it took or will take to achieve it and the expected launch date.

And “Inspiring Faces” is the latest initiative launched by the UAE Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee, which is responsible for major initiatives, activities and celebrations throughout the year on the occasion of the fiftieth year, which will conclude its initiatives at the end of the year. of March.


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