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UAE and Germany discuss strengthening partnership in the field of hydrogen

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The United Arab Emirates and the Federal Republic of Germany held a high-level meeting, hosted by the capital, Abu Dhabi, within the framework of the culmination of the “declaration of intent” of joint cooperation in the energy fields between the two countries, which was signed by the two parties in early 2017, in order to continue efforts to ensure the sustainability of the energy supply chain and strengthen the partnership in the field of hydrogen and achieve real change that meets the aspirations of the two countries for a future without carbon emissions.
The two sides discussed the importance of strengthening cooperation in the field of energy, especially clean energy, to serve the national interests of the two countries. The high-level meeting was chaired by the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of the Emirates. United Arab Emirates, Suhail Al Mazrouei, and the German Minister of Economy and Climate Change, Robert Habeck, attended by the head of the Department of Energy of Abu Dhabi, Ing. Awaidah Murshid Al Marar, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for Energy and Petroleum Affairs, Ing. Sharif Al Olama, and several senior officials from the two countries, and addressed the issue of energy security, which has become one of the most important issues, since the two parties exchanged points of view to consolidate the foundations of stability in the world energy market, through Emphasizing the need to accelerate the pace of the energy transition, and ways of pre stop for the future transformation of hydrogen, especially “green” and make it an urgent objective in the medium term, as well as harmonize the regulations and certificates of the sector between both countries.

vital need
Suhail Al Mazrouei highlighted the role of these bilateral meetings in unifying visions and goals and strengthening joint strategic cooperation in the years to come, noting the importance and depth of the relationship between the UAE and Germany over the past decades in various fields, especially those concerning. with energy aspects of all kinds, noting that energy transformation, especially hydrogen, has become a vital need in our time, and that energy is the main engine and fundamental element for sustainable development, the prosperity of countries and societies, the protection of the environment and optimal use of natural resources, as well as its role in securing supply chains and addressing the phenomenon of climate change.

He said: “In 2017, we launched the UAE-German Energy Partnership to promote dialogue and provide a framework for cooperation on the energy transition, and the first meetings of the Emirati-German working group on cooperation in the field were held last week. of hydrogen and industrial fuels, and I am pleased to see the growing network of cooperation between the government and various actors and institutes. The research of both countries is growing and expanding, to achieve tangible benefits in the clean energy sector, and the objective of our meeting today is to create unique opportunities to accelerate our joint cooperation and discuss opportunities and challenges facing the development of hydrogen and renewable energy sources between the UAE and Germany.”

He added: “As the world seeks to achieve the supply and use of low-carbon, affordable, secure and sustainable energy sources, renewable energy and hydrogen will be the critical element in reducing carbon emissions from energy systems, especially industries that are difficult to control. reduce, such as steel, cement, aviation and shipping, and we in the UAE see Our approach is in line with the issue of climate change and represents an exciting and promising transformation for the entire sector as it can help meet future energy needs and reduce the risks of climate change.

transparent politics
He noted that “the UAE’s future efforts will focus on improving reliance on clean energy through renewable energy sources and nuclear power sources in addition to hydrogen, which requires transparent policy, strengthened research and development , increase investment, develop infrastructure and diffuse technology to reduce risks and overcome them To achieve our ambitions for the energy sector, we are currently updating the National Energy Strategy 2050, as we hope to increase ambitions, advance sustainable development and meet our commitments towards zero net carbon emissions”.

world leadership
In turn, engineer Sherif Al Olama said: “The UAE is on track to achieve its ambition to be a world leader in the field of low-carbon hydrogen and the roadmap to achieve leadership in the field of hydrogen, launched by the UAE during COP 26 in Glasgow, will set a clear national target for hydrogen market growth and the system We are currently working on ambitious projects aiming to acquire 25% share in major export markets including Japan , South Korea, Germany and India, as well as targeting other markets in Europe and East Asia.”

He added that “challenges still exist to expand the use of hydrogen as a major source of energy, and we must all make greater efforts to reduce the costs and challenges associated with production, transportation and storage, in addition to harmonizing regulations and standards. , and these challenges transcend national borders, even as a new global energy economy is emerging, but the transition still has a long way to go, requiring us to put our words into action, and for Emirati and German companies to work in close collaboration on many future energy projects.”

sustainable aviation fuel
For his part, the CEO of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company “Masdar” Mohammed Jamil Al Ramahi made a brief presentation during the meeting on the Green Falcon project, which is the first sustainable aviation fuel project of its kind in the Middle East, which is based in Abu Dhabi. The two sides expressed their support for the project and encouraged the partners to work closely with relevant government agencies in the two countries to speed up the development process, as part of unremitting efforts to enhance bilateral cooperation in the field. of green hydrogen.


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