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Two injured in incident at Swedish school

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Malmö (AP) – Two people were injured in an incident at a school in Malmö, southern Sweden. According to the police of the third largest city in the Scandinavian country, one person was arrested after the incident.

She assumed he was a lone perpetrator. The school was extensively cordoned off. In addition to several patrol cars, several ambulances were seen at the scene, with which the two injured were taken to hospital. It was initially unclear how serious his injuries were. According to prior knowledge of the police, they were not high school students.

Gang crime problem in Sweden

Late in the afternoon, police initially said it was a suspected felony. However, it was not clear what exactly happened at the school in the city center.

According to broadcaster SVT, the students were in the building late at night to prepare for a musical. The high school principal, who was in Gothenburg some 250km further north at the time, told the Aftonbladet newspaper that he only knew “deadly violence” was taking place at the school. Police later reported that the situation was under control. She spoke of about 50 people who were on the school grounds at the time of the crime.

Sweden has been dealing with rampant gang crime for a long time. In the process, deliberate shootings and explosions are repeated in large and sometimes also in smaller cities in the country. Malmö has been aware of the problem of criminal gangs for longer than other parts of the country and has taken various measures and programs to counter it. Malmö’s Rosengård district in particular, the home of Swedish soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is considered a problem area. It is not yet clear if the incident at the school has anything to do with the criminal environment.

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