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Two analysts call Allen Robinson the best free agent signing of 2022

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When the Los Angeles Rams came out of nowhere to sign Allen Robinson in free agency, the overwhelming response was positive. Robinson was the best wide receiver available and while the Rams already had good depth at the position, he is a game-changing pass catcher who brings a different skill set to Los Angeles.

Like the fans, many analysts love this move by the Rams. ESPN polled its analysts and asked which free-agent signing was the best yet, and two (Stephania Bell and Dan Graziano) had Robinson as their pick.

Here’s what Bell had to say about the Rams’ move, highlighting their consistent deep passing hands and ability to get down 50-50 balls.

Campaign: WR Allen Robinson II to the Rams. I love the improvements of the Bills and Bengals, and the Rams fall into the same bucket by rescuing Robinson from Chicago. It’s fair to say that, despite Matthew Stafford’s late-2021 season success, he wasn’t exceptionally accurate throwing the ball downfield (27th in deep passing accuracy). Enter Robinson, who dropped just one (one!) deep pass on his 128 deep targets at Chicago. He is a player who will win 50-50 balls and he is still in his prime (he turns 29 in August). The rich get richer, much to the dismay of the rest of the NFC West.

Graziano shared similar sentiments, saying Robinson is “basically the wide receiver version of what Matthew Stafford was last offseason.” In that, he feels Robinson has been held back throughout his career, as has Stafford in Detroit.

That’s correct when you consider the quarterbacks Robinson has played with, which is an unimpressive group.

Gratian: WR Allen Robinson II to the Rams. And they got it for less than what the Jaguars are paying Christian Kirk! Robinson is basically the wide receiver version of Matthew Stafford last offseason: a guy we’re all pretty sure he’s very good, but circumstances have held him back for far too long. The list of quarterbacks Robinson has had to try to catch passes from during his career is too depressing to go into right now, but suffice it to say that he’s never had a quarterback like Stafford. In Sean McVay’s offense, with Cooper Kupp drawing attention, Robinson could have a career year.

Robinson won’t be the top receiver in Los Angeles like he was with the Bears and Jaguars, but the attention each defense pays to Cooper Kupp will only help Robinson open up more often, which he’s excited about.


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