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Trump’s appearance in Washington: “Our country is on the ground”

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Status: 07/27/2022 07:23

Former President Trump appeared in Washington for the first time since taking office. He attacked the Biden government and didn’t rule out running again – but didn’t convince everyone.

By Theresa Greim, ARD Studio Washington

Donald Trump is taking his time for his first appearance in Washington since the end of his presidency. Before stepping onto the lectern in the Marriott hotel conference room at a meeting of the America First Policy Institute – a think tank set up by former election officials to advance Trump policy – he paces, smiles, nods politely and greets one or the other in the audience.

He then begins his speech by providing an update on the Biden administration, and unsurprisingly it is scathing.

Our country is broken. We have the highest inflation and the highest gas prices. The American dream is shattered. If we have the majority after the congressional elections in November and then win the next presidency, we must do everything to save the future of our country.

“Let the Criminals Run Free”

Trump doesn’t seem interested that inflation and gas prices have been higher before. He has a long list of other ideas with him and takes a good hour and a half to execute them. According to Trump, the country’s security is particularly tragic and dire:

The democratic leadership has given carte blanche to the criminals. Nothing is more important than making the streets safe again and restoring law and order.”

Trump describes in detail what this security concept should look like in several points. The police should be massively reinforced. Also, the US National Guard should be given more powers and be able to intervene on its own, especially in mostly democratically run cities. The situation there is particularly bad. It even proposes the death penalty for drug traffickers.

“He is a bit nervous and confused”

When presenting his ideas, Trump remains rather monotonous and only launches when it comes to little anecdotes from his tenure or crazy things – like the fact that he wants to found a women’s basketball team with NBA star LeBron James. In between, Trump continues to launch new rants about the Biden administration.

Former Republican Congressman Carlos Corbello wrote on NBC News that Trump didn’t put on a convincing performance upon his return to Washington: “He doesn’t seem as dynamic as usual, he’s a bit restless and confused. It’s not exactly a high point for him.”

Trump does not reject the candidacy

Towards the end of his performance, Trump shoots anyone who wants to hold him responsible for taking over the Capitol. According to him, what is happening within the commission of inquiry has only one purpose: to prevent him from representing himself.

Will he actually stand for election? Trump leaves that question unanswered tonight. But it became clear. He does not refuse:

I won my first presidential race in 2016 and did much better in my second race in 2020. You know what? We may have to do it again.

He’s Back: Trump’s Washington Appearance

Theresa Greim, ARD Washington, July 27, 2022, 6:30 a.m.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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