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Trump and his two adult children face an affidavit in a matter of months for promoting an alleged pyramid scheme

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Donald Trump and his two adult sons are set to testify in a lawsuit accusing them of promoting a pyramid scheme in the coming months.

The one-term president is due to be ousted in the case on June 16, Donald Trump Jr. is due to testify on May 10 and Eric Trump on May 12, according to a new federal filing.

The lawsuit against the Trumps was filed in 2018 and alleges that the Trump Corporation promoted American Communication Network’s alleged multi-level marketing scheme.

Four plaintiffs allege that ACN was a “enrichment scheme” that relied on Trump and his adult children “deceiving each of these victims into handing over hundreds or thousands of dollars” in alleged violations of state law.

Ivanka Trump has not yet set a plea date in the case, according to a status update filed jointly by attorneys for both sides, according to Law and Crime.

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rejected an appeal by the Trumps to resolve the case through arbitration.

The lawsuit claims the Trumps arranged for ACN to appear on The celebrity trainee twice, which is described in court documents as a “national prime-time television show that the Trumps used for what defendant Ivanka Trump has called a ‘transparent form of product placement.'”

The suit alleges that Trump and his sons claimed that investing in the company, known as ACN Opportunity, LLC, “offered a reasonable probability of commercial success.”

It also says that while the Trumps allegedly raised millions of dollars to promote the company, they “failed to perform due diligence on the likelihood of financial loss and the low probability of commercial success of such schemes.”

The Trumps have said they had no control over ACN and have called the lawsuit politically motivated.

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