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Trick using paint to make a room look bigger

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An interior designer shared a simple trick to make a room look bigger using wall paint.
The interior decorating expert said that paint is your friend when it comes to decorating your home, and small rooms often look cluttered with furniture, especially if it’s a room, like a bedroom, that requires a lot of storage space.

For those with large homes, it can be tempting to expand to make the room bigger. However, there are plenty of ways to make a room feel bigger without tearing down the walls.

Interior designer Gary Cohn, a former Fashion Institute of Technology professor and interior expert for over 30 years, shared his trick on how to make a room look bigger without making major changes to the home.

Gary’s “first tip” for people looking to decorate a room on a budget is to use paint: “Paint doesn’t have to be one color, it’s about contrast, there should be a focal point in every room and the point focal point should be the thing,” he continued. The dominant that catches your attention.

Paint colors that are particularly apparent at the moment include earth tones like canvas, soft mohair, and flat woven colors, and Gary said that to match these colors, one should be the dominant color rather than muted tones.

For those who upcycle furniture by painting it, Gary shared a unique tip for making a room look bigger: “If you paint your furniture and want it to disappear, paint it the same color as your wall, some of the furniture you put against a contrasting wall will disappear and the room will grow.

Another good tip from Gary is to paint the entire room the same color, including the ceiling, door, door frame, and baseboards. Painting baseboards, door frames, and ceilings white adds a white edge to the room and defines it.


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