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Trendy sandals 2022: you need these 6 models now

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The 2022 trend sandals parade: The elegant was yesterday. We’ll tell you here what we’re focusing on this summer.

In the summer, our beloved sneakers take a break for a while and can be safely left in the closet during this time. Because high temperatures literally call for new shoe trends – or rather, sandal trends. This year, they are one thing above all: remarkable and anything but subtle. After years of wearing dainty strappy sandals, here’s an upgrade. The straps still work, but either a tray or a lot of pieces are combined with them. GALA shows you here what it means and what it looks like.

platform sandals

It’s going high this year, because The tray is back in fashion. This is nothing new though, as platform shoes were already being worn with enthusiasm in the 70s. Generally speaking, many past trends are currently celebrating a revival, but adapted to the present. platform sandals are now in many versions Available: Either with fine straps, with coarse leather straps or in a cloud look – i.e. lined (artificial) leather. Embellishments such as bonded, chunky or colorful patterns can also be found on platform sandals from time to time.

But that’s not all, because Plateau goes through a lot of models, as you’ll see in a moment.

Slides and chunky mules

Chunky goes with boots not only in winter, but also in summer. In general, Chunk is not so different from Plateau, as both are look chunky rather than delicate. Large slides and mules are this summer, however, the absolute eye-catcher on your feet and also very comfortable. This is not only ensured by the thick sole, but also by the ease of putting on. In Slides and mules just put it on and you’re done. Add a little anklet as an embellishment and you’re ready for any leisure activity.

toe separators

The famous toe separators are back – although they never really disappeared. After all, they are Ultimate when it comes to the beach again or at the pool. But now they’re even stylish enough to wear them too to wear in town. This summer, they come in different forms. On the one hand completely classicthen with plateau, How could it be otherwise. And finally, there are models that have a toe ring.

strappy sandals

Do not worry, The straps are not out, because even if the chunks and platforms are at the forefront of the sandal trends, we do not have to do without delicate looks. The straps are particularly Block Heel Sandals to see, but of course continue with those with everything classic sole.

Hiking sandals

The once hated Hiking sandalstoo known as Dad Sandals, are making a comeback. Whether combined with skirts, suit pants or shorts, you have to complete the look. It’s not elegant at all, but all the more More comfortable. As long as you do not combine socks, you are not likely to look like a senior.

Fisherman’s sandals

Worn at the time on the beach in the water to avoid stepping on anything painful in childhood Fisherman’s sandals today like fashion statement have. Just like trekking sandals, they are not exactly synonymous with elegance, but rather with style and comfort. as Replacement of sneakers Fisherman sandals are particularly suitable for those who don’t like to show their feet, but no longer want to wear sneakers and want to give their feet some fresh air. A casual outfit with shorts, a tank top and a shirt as well as long jeans with a sweater can be combined with this. Of course, a little jewelry should not be missing either, it is better to choose a simple one without a lot of glitter.

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