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Tournaments that push young tennis players towards professionalism

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To encourage athletes to make the leap to professional tennis, the Pichincha Field Tennis Association successfully organized the third U15 tournament of the “Copa Quito Bicentenario” international circuit from June 6 to 12 on the courts of “Club Terravalle”, in the north -east of town. from Quito.

This third stage had more than 60 players between nationals and internationals who are ranked from the 300th position downhill in the world, and the best junior players from Ecuador.

An intense week, full of exciting matches where the level of play of tennis players increased after the second stage, where many tennis players met and many matches were defined as match tie breaks, and where despite the rain inclement in Quito (which determined postponed for several days), was able to respect the planned schedule and benefited from a good presence of the public during the last days of doubles and singles disputed on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June.

Cash prizes of $15,000 were awarded and local and national athletes were promoted so they could have greater competition and a better pace of play for other international competitions and events.

After opening the doors of the Club to all fans and the press, there were dozens of spectators daily and the third stage was successfully broadcast through radio, television, digital media and print media.

Thanks to the contribution of private enterprise and strategic alliances with public institutions, as well as the support of the “Terravalle” Club, the players experienced long days of training, preparation and concentration.

In the middle of the week, there were moments of conviviality during a barbecue organized in the facilities of the Club, as well as at the end of the stage and as planned, together with KIA, they were able to visit the surroundings of the Monument in the Middle of the World, emblem of the third trophy and tourist icon of the Province.

As for the pre-qualification, the draw began with 45 tennis players from the Pichincha Field Tennis Association, the winner of which obtained a wild card for the main draw while 20 Ecuadorians took part in this pre-qualification stage. .

The champions of the Third Tournament of the International Circuit “Copa Quito Bicentenario” were:

· Double : Juan Sebastián Gómez and Juan Sebastián Osorio (Colombia) who beat the pair formed by Diego-Fernández and Matías Soto (Chile) by 7-6(5) / 7-6(2) in the dispute for the title

Simple: Murkel Dellien (Bolivia) beat Argentinian Juan Bautista Otegui 6-3/6-2 in the final.

A successful third tournament, of great level of tennis and full of emotions that delighted the participants and served as a conference for our athletes, as well as for the capital of Ecuadorians, known for each of the rackets.

The third stage of the Quito Bicentenary Circuit took place at the facilities of Club Terravalle with the presence of 64 players in the qualifiers and 24 in the main draw. In the qualification, we had players from:

12 Argentinian players

16 players from Chile

8 players from Ecuador

11 players from Colombia

10 Brazil players

1 players from Peru

1 player from Great Britain

1 player from Bolivia

1 player from Venezuela

1 player from Japan

1 player from Switzerland

1 player from Canada

Of which eight of them were able to access the main draw to join the 23 players who already had direct access thanks to their world ranking.

The players who entered the main draw were Argentines Julián Jiménez, Luciano Ambrogi, Chileans Cristóbal Castro, Ignacio Becerra, Canadian Juan Carlos Aguilar, Brazilian Gabriel Tumasonis, Colombian Juan Osorio and Venezuelan Brandon Pérez.

For this tournament we held a pre-qualifier which we played at the Pichincha Tennis Association facilities with 78 participants vying for a spot in the singles main draw. In a great final match, the Chilean Sebastián Santibáñez got the victory and the place in the main draw.

28 Ecuadorians were in the race in search of this quota which would allow them to be part of the third stage of the circuit, unfortunately all of them fell by the wayside.

On the main draw 5 Argentinians, 2 Bolivians, 4 Brazilians, 1 Peruvian, 6 Chileans, 1 New Zealander, 1 Japanese, 5 Ecuadorians, 5 Colombians, 2 Venezuelans and 1 Canadian.

In the doubles draw, we had 16 couples where the Colombian duo Osorio/Gómez reached the final of the Circuit for the first time and won the victory by beating the Chilean couple Soto/Fernández in a difficult match with a score of 7/ 6 7/6 .

In the singles draw, we had the satisfaction of seeing the Bolivian Murkel Dellien again in the final, who said goodbye to Quito in style with the singles title for the second time on the Circuit, winning the trophies with the images of the Panecillo and Half of the World.

The Bolivian player, very grateful to the organization of the event, left saying that he feels like one more Ecuadorian because of the love he has received from the people during these three weeks.

Source metroecuador.com

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