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Totally Relaxed: Here’s How You Can Improve Your Fitness With Recovery Workouts

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No one can empower you all the time, not even our body. Recovery workouts are the perfect way to get some much-needed regeneration. How to use active rest for your training.

Are recovery workouts sport or relaxation? “Recovery” is English for recovery, “workout” for a workout. So it’s both. After intense training, the body needs time to regenerate. He enjoys gentle movement even more than pure relaxation on the couch.

Recovery workouts: Active regeneration after sport

Recovery training is about doing something good for our whole organism on “rest days”, that is, the days between intensive training sessions. We can do this best in the form of silent units of movement that gently challenge the muscles and stretch them at the same time. This ensures good blood circulation in the muscles and keeps them flexible. In this way, we can not only relieve muscle pain, but also optimally prepare the muscles for upcoming training sessions.

yoga or stretching about is a classic recovery workout. With the combination of stretching postures and carefully executed exercises to strengthen the muscles, we provide the necessary stimulation and relaxation at the same time. You can complete these units with a foam roller. Because our fascias and muscles benefit optimally from the intensive massage.

Also To swim can be a very good recovery unit. However, it is important here not to exhaust yourself by pulling lengths, but to go slowly. By the way, the simplest variation for a recovery workout is a to stroll. Depending on the intensity of your training, you can deal with it a little faster. This way you gently activate your circulation and activate your muscles without overloading them.

What else should you pay attention to during gentle workouts?

In recovery training, the main objective is the balance between tension and relaxation, there must be a balance between the intense sports units and the well-deserved break that follows. It’s the only way to stay efficient and healthy in the long run. That is why it is all the more important to only do light training for regeneration and not to overdo it.

If you’ve had a particularly intense workout, it might be a good idea to take a break for not one, but two days, or even longer. Because recovery training should be about active relaxation – it’s not about performance.

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