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To the beach

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Those who will bring the manna to Andalusia if they win insist, to the point of pathos, that those responsible do not go to the beach on Sunday to evade the sacred duty of voting. I suspect that in the midst of embarrassment the temptation of water must be very strong. For the ones with noodles, of course. But those who appeal to citizens’ civic responsibility should not abuse the good of the country, but should urge employees to go to the polls because they could be left without the payroll.

The first seasons of the series exuded morbidity and suspense house of cards. Because it starred the devil and his appropriate wife. They had talent, Machiavellianism, style, subtle or inflammatory villainy, cynicism, limited capacity for blackmail, lies and manipulation. Consequently, both would attain the presidency of the United States. His intelligence and his wickedness were evident. But better villains like her than this millionaire beast without a shred of charm named Trump. And in Spanish cinema, Rodrigo Sorogoyen has made an adrenaline-pumping and believable portrait of the very hard-hitting political corruption in Spain The kingdom. But little else, Spanish politicians are not cinematically attractive. Not even in reality.

I was surprised by the first seasons of the series Borrow. The people who starred in it took democracy seriously, they respected certain codes, they seemed civilized in the midst of their power struggles. The prime minister belonged to a party known as the moderate right. I do not know what that is. Neither to the right nor to the left. The last season of Borrow (Netflix) is about the discovery of oil in Greenland. It seems to me sluggish, insubstantial, too economical. But it’s likely that an old and irreducible non-voter like someone I know would have been tempted to vote if they were Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Finn.

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