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To promote sport, the Guayaquil Benevolent Board opens “socio-sports schools”

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In the presence of parents, pupils and directors of the Charity Board (JBG), the inauguration of the Board’s Sports Partner School took place, a center for human development which seeks to educate and integrate values ​​such as respect in young people, camaraderie. , equality, motivation, autonomy, effort, commitment, self-esteem, health and solidarity through the practice of sport.

Carlos Andretta, sports director of JBG, indicated that this initiative transcends the work that the institution has been doing for 134 years. “It goes a step further, not only in what it already does in health, education, the elderly and social inclusion, now with sport as a key tool to promote the development of society” , did he declare.

Juan Xavier Cordovez, director of the Charity Board, opened the event; During his speech, he underlined that the dream of the JBG is to create a large sporting family. “That’s why we involve the family, with whom we complete the education of the children. They can not only be great athletes, but also great human beings. We are forming good young people, young people who want to succeed and it is the hope that unites us today,” he said.

The Council’s sports partner school has started its first phase with a football school that will benefit 300 students who will benefit from sports medical care, coaches with pedagogical methodology, sports nutrition, training equipment, training clothes. training, access to facilities and family interaction. In a second phase, other sports disciplines will be included.

Source metroecuador.com

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