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Timo Ben Schöfer comes to the Fürstenhof

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Newcomer to “Love Storm”
Timo Ben Schöfer comes to the Fürstenhof

Timo Ben Schöfer will join the cast of “Storm of Love” in September.

© ARD/Christof Arnold

Newcomer to the ARD telenovela “Storm of Love”: From September actor Timo Ben Schöfer will join the cast as Markus Schwarzbach.

The cast of “Storm of Love” has a new face: From September 2022, Timo Ben Schöfer (57) can be seen as Markus Schwarzbach on the ARD telenovela in the premiere. The broadcaster announced this in a press release. From episode 3,893, scheduled to air on September 15, 2022, Schöfer should be seen in his new role at the Fürstenhof. The character is described by the broadcaster as “charming, focused and ruthless”.

This is how Markus Schwarzbach’s character ticks

“A large team of people from different professions has been meeting every day for many years to work with great commitment on this beautiful story ‘Storm of Love'”, enthuses Schöfer. “Now I come and do my part.” He waits impatiently for the hour.

“Markus Schwarzbach is above all a father, like me,” the actor reveals about his character. “He lives, feels, fights and suffers with and for and through his family.” Schwarzbach wants to be a good dad, “and he either gets it completely wrong or hits exactly the right note.”

Timo Ben Schöfer is no stranger to the German television landscape – he has been on camera regularly for 35 years. Among others, it has already been seen in the formats “Tatort”, “Unter uns” and “Alarm for Cobra 11”.

This is what happened to the character of the Fürstenhof

According to the broadcaster, the figure will cause a sensation in the hotel industry. Markus Schwarzenbach is the husband of businesswoman Alexandra Schwarzenbach (Daniela Kiefer, 48), who will appear in “Storm of Love” starting in episode 3877 (probably August 24). She has taken it into her head to redevelop the Fürstenhof – her husband Markus should help her. But Christoph Saalfeld (Dieter Bach, 58) gets in his way. Christoph was her competitor in the fight for Alexandra’s heart.

“Storm of Love” still runs Monday through Friday at 3:10 p.m. in the former.


Source www.gala.de

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