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“Tigra” keeps tension between Ethiopia and “World Health” at a boiling point

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Despite the calm on the combat fronts, the Tigray region still has the crisis between Addis Ababa and the World Health Organization at a boiling point.

Mutual accusations The government of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed and the international organization headed by his compatriot Tedros Adhanom for the humanitarian situation in the northern region of the African country.

The humanitarian situation following the war in northern Ethiopia has generated mutual accusations between the Ethiopian government and the World Health Organization, which accuses Addis Ababa of obstructing the transfer of medical supplies to the Tigray region, in what the Addis Ababa government considers a claim baseless.

The Ethiopian government has rejected what it called the World Health Organization’s claim of obstructing the transfer of medical supplies to Tigray, saying in a statement released by the Government Communications Office Thursday night that it is an unsubstantiated claim, referring to statements by the director of the World Health Organization in which he accused the government The Ethiopian government, by obstructing aid shipments to the Tigray region, described the situation there as catastrophic.

It has been more than a year since the federal government battled with the Tigray Liberation Front in northern Ethiopia in the context of accusations that the front was trying to sow unrest in the country, killed Abi Ahmed and launched attacks against army positions within the region.

Government Communications Office Minister Legisi Tolo said, according to the statement: “Although the terrorist Tigray Liberation Front has closed the humanitarian route leading to Tigray (province) with its renewed offensive in the region of Afar, the Director of the World Health Organization insists on making false accusations to blame the government.

The statement from Ethiopia indicated that, contrary to the accusations made by the Director of the World Health Organization, a letter from the WHO office in the country indicates that the Government of Ethiopia has already verified and authorized the transfer of medical supplies and medicines to Tigray.

He added that the country office of the World Health Organization requested last Tuesday to the Federal Committee for Disaster Risk Mitigation the approval of 95 metric tons of medicines and medical supplies for the region.

Last Wednesday, the director of the World Health Organization said that 6 million people in the Tigray region have been besieged by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces for nearly 500 days, with 83 percent of the population suffering from insecurity. food.

He continued: In recent weeks, our partners have distributed supplies to 65 integrated health centers, but more is needed, adding that 2,200 metric tons of emergency health supplies are needed to respond to urgent integrated health needs, and only 117 metric tons have been delivered. delivered, about 1% of what is required.

Adhanom noted that the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in half the surrounding area, with tens of thousands of people in need of food, shelter and health services having been displaced.

The UN official called on Ethiopia and Eritrea to end the blockade and allow safe access to life-saving supplies and humanitarian workers, according to his remarks.

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