Show of ‘bous al carrer’ in Burriana, 2019.ANGEL SANCHEZ

Three people died during the celebrations in just one day bous al carrer (Bulls in the Street) celebrated in three cities of the Valencian Community for the injuries caused by the bulls’ horns. Also, a 14-year-old minor was seriously injured at the Puçol celebrations on July 3, although the child has recovered. The minimum age for access to the festival sites is 16, which is why the Ministry of Justice has opened a file.

That bous al carrer It is a very popular bullfighting festival in the Valencian community that takes place in the streets of the cities, in an urban circle delimited by barriers, where the cattle are released, herded, bullfighted or trimmed without a fight occurring. Celebrations in southern Catalonia applicable.

The last deceased in the Valencian community was reported this Wednesday, although the catch took place on July 12 in the Valencian community of Picassent. According to witnesses, a resident of Albacete suffered “a brutal attack” during the celebrations of the bullfights in honor of San Cristóbal Mártir and was unable to recover.

The consistory sent its condolences to the family and friends of the victim in a statement to which are added the municipality’s four bullfighting associations: Associació Bou en Corda, Penya l’Afició, Associació Bouera Gent de bou and Penya Taurina l’Alegria. The flags of the consistory will be flown at half-mast all day this Wednesday as a sign of mourning.

Another man was reported dead last Tuesday after being caught during the Christmas celebrations. bous al carrer in Meliana last Saturday, July 16, in Meliana (Valencia). The city’s local council has mourned the death of one of its neighbors after the “serious fuck” and stressed that he was a “person known and loved in the city” who was closely associated with the rebel movement in his youth and was “a of the souls” of the alternative cultural center L’Escletxa.

Also on Tuesday, the death of a French citizen was announced at the celebrations of the town of Pedreguer in Alicante. The deceased was injured on the night of July 8 and died after spending nine days in the hospital in Dénia (Alicante).

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The organization and security of the celebrations are the responsibility of the bullfighting clubs of the cities and the town halls. The Generalitat’s Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs authorizes the celebrations. Department sources say they recently sent out a circular to communities reminding them of the regulations and bans.

The Animalist Party Against Animal Abuse (PACMA) asked organizers of bullfighting festivals and the public administration about the three deaths on Tuesday. PACMA recalled that Pedreguer, Meliana and Picassent were the three cities where “three men died by violent ramming in less than 24 hours while attending local bullfighting festivals.”

From the animalistic party, they demand responsibility both from the organizers of the events and from the respective municipalities and the autonomous community for “the approval of the party and endangering the lives of citizens and the mistreatment of animals”.

According to the Bous al Carrer Federation of Bullfighting Clubs, in 2021 there were 101 municipalities organizing celebrations, double the previous year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, but less than half of 2019 ( 269 ​​Villages). According to the association’s calculations, there will be more than 13,000 celebrations this year, 30% more than in 2019, the year before the pandemic, according to information released by the newspaper earlier this month The Provinces.

The University of Valencia presented the study three years ago Economic impact of the bou al carrer in the Valencian community, which estimated the income they represent for autonomy for a year and the creation of almost 3,000 jobs at 300 million. The Regional Secretary for Security and Emergencies of the Generalitat Valenciana, José María Ángel, presented the study.

Source elpais.com

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