Two of the victims were found in their homes when they were about to be informed of the deaths of their partners

MADRID, 26 September (EUROPA PRESS) –

In the last 24 hours, up to three femicides have been registered in Spain – in Benidorm (Alicante), Palencia and Malaga – from which data is being collected to determine if they are new cases of gender-based violence, according to the Ministry of Equality reported . If this is confirmed by the department headed by Irene Montero, the number of women killed by this scourge so far in 2022 would rise to 33.

At around 10am, the government delegation against gender-based violence reported via its Twitter account that it was “collecting data on the murder of a 39-year-old woman in the province of Malaga for alleged gender-based violence”.

According to sources close to the investigation, it is a woman who has been missing since last March and whose body was found buried last Friday in the Polígono de San Luis in the capital Málaga.

After initial investigations, the state police arrested the victim’s partner, who, according to SER, was reported by the victim for abuse ten years ago.


Two hours later, the government delegation released a new case for which data was being collected. In this case, a 71-year-old woman whose body was found in Benidorm with multiple stab wounds.

The main suspect in this case is also the victim’s husband, who, as stated, died in a traffic accident this Sunday. When he went to inform his wife of the incident, she was found dead, so the National Police have launched an investigation to clarify the facts and determine whether it was gender-based violence.

A similar episode was experienced by agents in Palencia this Monday. In this case, as reported by the government sub-delegation, the National Police found the body of the strangled woman in her home when she went to tell her that her husband had been hit by a train.

The agents have explained that their eldest daughter, aged 7, was the one who opened the door of the house for them. His two-year-old brother was there too, both in good condition, they said.

The government delegation against gender-based violence also reported on this case, for which data is also collected before it becomes a murder based on gender-based violence.

Source europapress.es

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