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Thousands at Peace Demonstration in Berlin: DGB Chief Against Rearmament – Ukrainians Call for a No-Fly Zone – Berlin

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This is requested by the president of the German Confederation of Trade Unions, Reiner Hoffmann, in his speech at the great demonstration for peace at the Victory Column. immediate end of the war in Ukraine and solidarity with Ukrainian refugees: “Borders must remain open for all people fleeing war, regardless of skin color and nationality.”

The DGB supports sanctions against Russia. You should and must meet Putin. Hoffmann also calls for the “Protection of the most vulnerable in our society”how special affected by rising heating costs and gasoline prices be. Social peace in Germany will also be defended together.

The applause resounds when he asks for a greater participation of the rich in this social peace. in his words the DGB continues to reject any form of rearmamenthe garners occasional whistles and boos from the crowd.

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