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This Tuesday, June 21, Leonidas Iza will respond to Guillermo Lasso

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The response from the President of Conaie, Leonidas Iza, will arrive this Tuesday, June 21. The indigenous representative will refer to the letter sent by President Guillermo Lasso where the latter responds to the 10 petitions and thus wants to put an end to the national strike.

Iza, in recent statements, dismissed alleged acts of violence, racism and hatred against her peers; In the Trebol sector, there were multiple injuries due to their clashes with the national police. “Today you will know the response of the indigenous movement, of the other organizational sectors to the response received”, he reiterated.

We cannot delegitimize our struggles, it cannot be mistaken for vandalism. Please free passage for health workers. Absolutely everything. I also have absolute respect for the media, let’s not let an image as they intend to own it.

“This city is peaceful, this city has dignity. But this city has also proven itself in the face of these measures,” he said. Additionally, Ecuarunari vice-president Nayra Chalán demanded that the government end state violence and stop maintaining a policy of discrimination.

“We have decided to continue fighting and resisting, but we will never agree to adopt military force as a strategy. We will exhaust all the procedures of the political sphere. Dialogue and proposals”, finished Iza.

Thousands of peasants began to arrive in Quito this Monday evening, as part of the national strike called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) against the economic management of conservative President Guillermo Lasso, who took refuge in the call to dialogue and in the application of a state of exception.

La Conaie, which has called for unlimited social mobilization since June 13, has drawn up a list of demands with ten demands that include the freezing and reduction of fuel prices, price controls, the prevention of privatization and the avoidance of labor flexibility, among others.

Source metroecuador.com

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