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This trick is perfect for removing makeup stains from your clothes

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Often when you’re getting ready, you get dressed before you put on makeup, and while you’re doing it, you run the risk of ruining your clothes. The to put on makeup It is one of the most essential items in most women’s daily life, showcasing different features to achieve a splendid look. Whether it’s a little blush, eyeliner or lipstick, among many other options, a little makeup gives a significant change in a person’s appearance.

However, by applying it, you run the risk of, accidentally stain your clothes. That’s why this time we bring you a simple solution to this problem, which usually occurs very frequently and is often terrifying because you don’t want to lose the garment that gets stained.

To resolve this, there are remedies you can resort to before taking desperate measures. A few simple steps to eliminate stains that can come from makeup base, shadows, lipsticks, among other things designed to enhance the beauty of your face but not clothes.

To remove makeup stains from clothes and without having to spend hours scrubbing, you will need to gather a brush and some shaving cream. You must start the procedure by applying a little cream to the dirty garment, carefully. Then, it is necessary to let it act for about 10 minutes and, after this time, it will be necessary to cut with a brush.

Finished this step, We need to wash the clothes as usual, then let them dry in the sun, to make sure we’ve gotten the stains out. It is important that before doing this trick you remove as much of the excess product that has fallen on the garment as possible, avoiding mixing makeup with shaving cream, as this can make cleaning more time-consuming and effort.

Source metroecuador.com

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