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This is what the new district looks like next to the Siemensbahn

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And here is the next 30,000-square-meter building plot in West Berlin: Franziska Giffey, SPD, in government, is expected Friday at the overgrown Gartenfeld S-Bahn station. Here in Berlin-Siemensstadt the construction project “Seed” is being built. That has nothing to do with the “Seed” music band, but it’s a PR talk and it comes from seedangle hold. Take a look at the picture above, the desert on the left is still being cleared: that’s where the Siemensbahn is being built: from 2029, trains from the S6 S-Bahn line to the main station will run there again. Here is the latest information and dates in the daily mirror for the major extension of the S-Bahn line to the west.

Where Siemens workers once lounged on sun loungers in their garden, 980 apartments will be built on Saatwinkler Damm by autumn 2023. Spandau Building Councilor Thorsten Schatz, CDU, recently reported this in the Tagesspiegel newsletter for Spandau. Behind the project are Vonovia and businessman Willem ten Brinke, who will raise the flower crown on Friday together with the government. It will not be the last government visit; after all, there is more construction going on in North Spandau than anywhere else in Berlin.

[Heerstraße, Postbrache, Gartenfeld und Co: Hier die vielen Frühjahrsbaustellen im Spandau-Newsletter vom Tagesspiegel.de]

The allotment garden existed for 60 years; it was demolished in 2019. Back then, builders also watched what was flying and crawling between the gazebos. Blue tit, great tit and tree sparrow were discovered, in contrast to hedgehog and mole (“not found”). Highlight: To count the bats, a Batcorder hang. 30 bats were relocated.

“The entire area is developed with an integral road connecting to Saatwinkler Damm. All buildings are conventionally built and have a green roof,” reports developer Tenbrinke. on your project page. Tip from the Spandau newsletter: Here you can follow the progress of the construction digitally via the construction site camera and with many photos of the construction crane: external link.

[Kennen Sie die Neubauten an der Paulsternstraße – und warum die Straße überhaupt so heißt: Die Geschichte lesen Sie hier im Tagesspiegel-Newsletter für Spandau]

The corner is booming and is one of the largest residential construction sites in Berlin: apartments for 20,000 people will be built here by 2030 just in the north of Spandau, east of the Havel. The construction site is located between the billion dollar district “Island Gartenfeld” (3,700 new apartments, including the “Flying Steps” training quarters), Wasserstadt (2,500 new apartments) and the Siemens campus (2,800 new apartments) – all the main topics you can always read in the Tagesspiegel newsletter Spandau, where I bring you up to date: leute.tagesspiegel.de.

[Entsteht in Berlin-Gatow das Neubauviertel “Weiter Blick”? Es gibt News aus dem Rathaus – Thema im Newsletter leute.tagesspiegel.de]

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Put on your hard hat right away, because here are the proper construction site statistics, collected by the Spandau newsletter. Christian Zander, CDU, had an overview of the whole of Berlin from Christian Gaebler, SPD, in the House of Representatives please: Spandau ranks third in the entire city with 2,400 approved apartments in 2021, after Treptow-Köpenick (3,300 ) and Lichtenberg (2600). So no one should say that those on the outskirts should build something nice. – Source: written request

[Schon 260.000 Abos – und jetzt kostenlos für jeden Berliner Bezirk: Die Tagesspiegel-Newsletter für Ihren Kiez: leute.tagesspiegel.de]

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The Berlin newsletter already has 260,000 subscriptions and thus many more readers. In it we pack news from the districts, we take up neighborhood debates, name dates, links and very personal advice. And we introduce people who want to make a difference in the district. Try us!

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