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This is what Carolina Jaume looked like when she participated in Reina de Guayaquil at the age of 19

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Carolina Jaume is 37 years old and is currently in Turkey as a guest of the reality TV show ‘El poder del amor 2?’, a show where she has generated several controversies since her arrival.

Carolina Jaume in Queen of Guayaquil

carolina At 19, he participates in Queen of Guayaquil. Since she was a child, she has appeared in commercials and been in Ecuadorian productions. At the age of 19 he participated in Reina de Guayaquil and was “October Star”

He then participated professionally in television with productions such as The loves that kill where she worked with Xavier Pimentel, her ex-husband and father of her first daughter, Rafa.

He was also with a leading man in The Secret of Toño Palomino’ and ‘ANDhe succeeded Atty. Cardoso’. She was a space presenter ‘IThe afternoons belong to Carolina’ and was in “Pure theatre”. I act in The Trinity’, Four bedrooms Yes bagged,street loves andAntuca makes me fall in love.

Among his last works Caroline James on Ecuadorian television she was the presenter of the dance program ‘I’m the best’, then entered the program ‘In touch’ and had the opportunity to travel to Turkey to participate in ‘El Poder del Amor 2’. His arrival sparked controversy when he argued with his compatriot Nathalie Carvajal, It was also for a boy she liked, but things didn’t go as planned. Finally, between controversies and shows, the Ecuadorian knew how to get along with the boys and girls of the house.

Source metroecuador.com

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