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This is the new influencer, to whom Leonidas Iza shouted “Patricio, leave it”

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A new influencer has emerged following the protests taking place in Ecuador. It is Patricio, the man whom Leonidas Iza, president of Conaie, called him by his name, shouting it.

The fact went viral when Leonidas Iza was arrested on June 14 amid protests. Just then, the native chief was with other companions in a vehicle in Pastocalle, Cotopaxi.

When Iza was arrested, the new influencer tried to intervene and in the middle of that he shouted “Patricio, leave him”. After that, fame came to the man, who is now being asked for photographs in places where he goes with protesters.

This is how it happened at El Arbolito Park this weekend, where those present took photos and someone took the opportunity to record the moment.

Likewise, Patricio was seen in previous days summoning the indigenous assembly at the Central University of Ecuador.

Now, netizens have devoted themselves to creating memes, graffiti, and even songs.

Source metroecuador.com

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