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This is the legacy that Susana Dosamantes left and that made her one of the greatest on screen

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The actress Susana Dosamantes He died on July 2 at the age of 74, This was confirmed by his son Enrique Rubio. Dosamantes, who is also the mother of the singer Pauline Rubio, reportedly had complications from pancreatic cancer detected in February. According to reports, she was hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital in the city of Miami.

The pancreatic cancer It is one of the most aggressive diseases because it originates in the tissues of said organ, located behind the lower part of the stomach. The pancreas releases enzymes that aid digestion and produces hormones that help control blood sugar. This type of cancer is rarely found in its early stages, when it is most curable. and that is that it often does not cause symptoms until it has already spread to other organs.

In an interview with the magazine people in spanish, Paulina Rubio opened up about her feelings regarding her mother’s conditionwho was hospitalized at the time.

“The emotion is felt on the surface. I feel very lucky to have the audience that I have, I have them in my prayers; it makes me feel very blessed… honor to whom honor deserves. The important thing is them: my mother, my children. These are the real things that are earned with hard work and lots of love,” the singer said.

Who was Susana Dosamantes?

Mary of Perpetual Help Guadalupe Susana Dosamantes Rul Riestrabetter known as Susana Dosamantes was a Mexican actress born in Guadalajara who became one of the greatest on screen for her flawless performances. At 74, she was still praised for her beauty and acting talent.

While many know her as “the mother of singer Paulina Rubio”, Dosamantes has in fact left a whole legacy of productions with which he has made his mark.

It was in 1968 that he made his debut in the film “Tourbillon des passions” (1968) and “Memories of the future” (1968), based on the novel by Elena Garro. Susana soon moved to theater and television, where she mainly focused on soap operas.

Other film titles from her early years include “Confessions of a Teenage Girl” (1969), “Peach Blossom” (1969), “marriage and sex (1969) and “Seven Watches for an Adam” (1969). Dosamantes had one opportunity after another to participate in projects that would mark Mexican television.

He also directed horror films, including “Blacker than Night” (1975), directed and written by the master of the genre, Carlos Enrique Taboada and where he shared credits with Lucía Méndez and Helena Rojo.

Among the television projects in which he participated are the classic soap operaAn Italian woman is getting married” (1971), “La calèche” (1972), “Twin” (1972), “The building in front (1972-1973), “The hyena” (1973), “Ana del aire” (1974), “El chauffeur” (1974-1975), “The unforgivable” (1975), “Wild heart” (1977- 1978), among many others. Her last appearances were in “Three times Ana” (2016), “The Flight of Victory” (2017) and “If they leave us” (2021).

Susana Dosamantes was one of the great Mexican actresses

The actress has broken down barriers by working alongside the very John Wayne, one of the icons of American cinema popularly known as The Dukeon the tape “River of Wolves”.

In 1969 she married the Spanish lawyer Enrique Rubio González, with whom he fathered singer Paulina Rubio and her brother Enrique. The couple separated in 1974 and Dosamantes married Spanish businessman and audiovisual producer Carlos Vasallo Tomé. He divorced in 1988 and to date had a relationship with Luis Rivas.


Source metroecuador.com

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