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This is the car ready for spring

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Berlin (dpa/tmn) – The spring sun invites more and more “outside weather”. The car should also benefit from this. So get rid of winter grime and road salt residue. This not only maintains, but also protects against rust and more. But driving to the car wash alone is not enough. According to the Auto Club Europe (ACE), spring cleaning starts earlier.

Clean and provide an arsenal of care.

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean and tidy up the car. It is best to have the necessary cleaning supplies for the laundry area on hand. Depending on the scope of work, this should be sponges, cloths, buckets, glass cleaner, cabin care and tire cleaner. And don’t forget the coins for the suction machine.

Before entering the car wash, coarse dirt is removed by thorough hand washing or in the washing box with the high-pressure cleaner. Don’t forget about the wheel arches and rims. ACE recommends a distance of at least 30 centimeters to avoid paint damage.

In the car wash, ACE recommends choosing a program with underbody wash. This also thoroughly removes dirt and road salt and protects the car from rust. Some wash boxes also have an underbody wash feature.

vacuum and clean

The interior is best tackled with a full vacuuming run. Plastic parts are first cleaned of dirt with a slightly dampened cloth with a soft microfiber cloth. You can then apply booth spray or other plastic care products to dry surfaces.

Stains on upholstery can be treated with textile stain remover or upholstery foam. New products are best tested in an inconspicuous location beforehand. After washing, also clean the door sills and door rubber seals. Rubber bands can be cared for with talcum powder, venison tallow or Vaseline.

If you find minor scratches in the paint, you can try to remove them with a polish. For larger paint defects, the experts should take a look. This also applies to stone chips and cracks in glass. Tip: Cover the gravel with transparent adhesive strips to keep dirt out until your workshop appointment.

tires and fluids

Now let’s take a look at the tires. Do you still have enough profile? The law stipulates a minimum of 1.6 millimeters. However, ACE recommends at least four millimeters of remaining tread for winter tires and at least three millimeters for summer tires. When checking the profile, also look for damage and cracks and set the correct air pressure at the gas station.

Let’s go now? Almost – another quick look under the veneer

Last stop: operating fluids. Is there still enough engine oil, windshield washer fluid and cooling water?

When it comes to scrubbing water, the experts at ACE recommend additives that suit the seasons. Such a summer cleaner can handle summer dirt, such as dead bugs, better than the winter one.

If you dare, you can also change the cabin air filter. The automobile club recommends changing the car every year and choosing a model with active carbon filtration. Such a filter also better protects against odors and pollen in the air.

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