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This is how the yacht “Eclipse” of 637 million euros of the Russian oligarch Abramovich looks in detail

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Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich, the Russian oligarch, is apparently trying to circumvent the sanctions placed on him. This also includes the fact that he in recent days hastily smuggled his superyachts into safe waters where they cannot be seized.

Abramovich’s 168-meter flagship is the Eclipse, which cost an estimated €637 million to build. After Britain imposed sanctions on Abramovich following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, his €546m second “smaller” superyacht, the Solaris, left the Spanish city of Barcelona for Montenegro. However, on March 13, the yacht hurriedly left the port without refueling and continued on to Turkey.

In Turkey, the Solaris also met the most pompous Eclipse, which came to Turkey from the Caribbean. Sure: at the moment he is apparently on the run from the British authorities. It wasn’t always like this. Once he was anchored at Pier 90 in Manhattan, Robert Johnson was able to snap some photos for insiders.

Insider gives you an exclusive look inside the €637 million Eclipse superyacht

1. Just south of this public parking lot on the roof of the Pier 90 terminal in New York City was Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s ostentatious yacht, the “Eclipse.”

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2. It is 163 meters long and designed in the style of a military ship.

3. The Eclipse cost €637 million when it was delivered in 2010 and was the largest yacht in the world at the time.

4. The boat is equipped to compete with any boat at sea. The Eclipse, for example, has its own mini-submarine that can dive up to 150 meters deep.

5. The Eclipse has two helipads.

6. Bulletproof glass and armor plates line the entire length of Abramovich’s master suite and command bridge.

7. Also installed: a missile defense system of German design.

8. The boat is also said to have laser protection against paparazzi in case they try to photograph guests on the yacht. However, when we were there, there was no sign of this device.

9. The Eclipse has three lifeboats.

10. It also appears that the yacht is equipped with medical supplies and a variety of radio equipment.

11. From the parking lot it felt like you were almost in the Eclipse itself.

12. But the chances of us being asked to board the ship were slim…

13. …We were hoping to find one of the 70 crew members who work on the Eclipse to tell us what life is like on the ship.

14. Unfortunately, no one was interested in a conversation.

15. We didn’t feel like paparazzi or suspect we were being shot with lasers while standing in the parking lot looking at the yacht.

16. From up here the ship was impressive and you could see how much work had been done.

17. The Yacht Report media reports that owning a superyacht costs around 20 percent of a boat’s original value each year.

18. Experts estimate that Roman Abramovich is likely to pay €68 million a year just to operate the private cruise ship with 24 guest suites.

19. The ship is divided into two indoor swimming pools, a nightclub, a cinema, a hairdresser and a restaurant.

20. These doors that guests use to access the front deck.

21. In this image you can see the lifebuoys of the ship.

22. At 13,000 tons, the Eclipse was then the largest ship equipped with a special stabilization system. She keeps the yacht calm in rough waters while she is at anchor or slowly sailing through the sea.

23. Abramovich had to pay $150,000 to park the Eclipse in New York City while possibly visiting his daughter and new baby. Calculated on the day, that was around 1,600 euros.

24. A large yacht, like the Eclipse, can hold more than 378,000 liters of fuel.

25. Depending on prices, a five-hour cruise can cost around 27,000 euros each way.

27. However, Roman Abramovich should not be interested in the sums. After all, he has an estimated fortune of almost 7.3 billion euros.

27. Here are some drone images of the superyacht.

28. Photos of the interior of the luxury yacht can be found in “Boat International”.

This text was translated from English by Lisa Ramos-Doce. You can find the original here.

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