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This is how the surroundings of the National Assembly are in 13 days of demonstrations

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La Conaie reports that this Saturday, June 25, they will rest, that they will perform minga in the universities where they are staying and that they will then meet in their Popular Assembly after the first rapprochement between the government delegates and Leonidas Iza. Given this, Quito has instilled calm in places where protests were concentrated, although there are still road closures.

The Metropolitan Transport Agency (AMT) indicated which sections of road are blocked by a court at 4:15 p.m.

At the moment, there is a mobilization of demonstrators advancing along Av. Homeland, in the east-west direction. El Arbolito Park and the exteriors of the Casa de la Cultura are protesters. Also, from the university sector.

  • – Cutuglahua Bridge – rubble on the road.
  • -A V. Maldonado and 559, partially activated by debris on the road
  • -Julio Andrade, Guamaní sector. Partially activated (debris on the road).
  • -Susana Lettor (partially activated).
  • -A partially activated V. Maldonado and S60 in the Béguinage sector.
  • -Patricio Romero Barberis is partially activated.

– Presence of debris:

  • -Peter Shell
  • -Julio Andrade
  • – Ecuadorian
  • – Maltilde Alvarez
  • -Quitumbe Ñan and Guayanay Ñan
  • -Quitumbe Ñan and Fenicio Angulo
  • -Guayanay Ñan and Rumichaca
  • -Leopoldo Chavez and Marshall
  • -Close of the Collas route and Alpachaca connector
  • -Ruta Viva activated 100% and the rest activated
  • -Entrance sector to Eternit- Hacienda Cataguango, partially activated
  • -Direction Camposanto Monteolivo del Sur partially activated with debris on the road
  • -From Camposanto Monteolivo del Sur to Zámbiza partially activated with debris on the road
  • -Up to km 0 closed
  • -Panamericana Norte and Guarderas closed
  • – San Miguel de Comun closed by protesters in the area
  • -Guayllabamba roundel closed by protesters
  • -Intervals Cununyacu sector closed Toglla sector
  • -E-35 Pintag sector closed

Closure of the general Rumiñahui highway in the Monjas sector.

The Quito Metropolitan Public Passenger Transport Company has indicated that starting Friday, June 24, trolleybus and Ecovía services will be temporarily activated from 05:00 to 18:00.

Source metroecuador.com

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