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This is how the National Police took over the Maison de la Culture

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During Sunday, June 19 there was a police operation in the facilities of the House of Ecuadorian Culture (CCE) after receiving an anonymous complaint related to the indigenous mobilization. Although no explosive device was found, uniformed officers took the entity overnight.

The president of the CCE, Fernando Cerón, clarified that this Sunday evening “dead joy” and that this space has fallen into the hands of police terror. For its part, the barred space that 46 years have passed since the military dictatorships took advantage of it to “violate” their autonomy.

“Although the state of emergency allows the police to requisition institutional property, this must be carried out in a controlled manner by state institutions, it cannot be disproportionate, nor violate other types of fundamental rights” , reads in a letter.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior patrick carillo justify the reasons for the decision. For the authority, the protection of the facilities is due to reasons of security and protection of cultural heritage. “As a public institution, it is imperative to ensure the security of its facilities”, wrote.

“This, within the framework of the decreed state of exception, and that in accordance with article 165, number 5 of the Constitution, and 3 of Executive Decree 455, the Metropolitan District of Quito has been declared a security zone”, added the representative of this state portfolio.

Cerón also indicated that an attempt was made to file a constitutional action in defense of the institution (CCE). “They have just informed us that they will not receive it because there is no system, it is called a dictatorship”, written via Twitter.

In videos posted on social networks, we see how the men in uniform entered the Maison de la Culture. For their part, those present (cultural leaders and citizens) cry out that they are “violating an institution” and that space “It’s not a barracks.”

Although no confrontations were reported, citizens chose to dance near the square in protest.

The headquarters of the CCE in Quito has been the refuge of hundreds of indigenous people who, in October 2019, organized a harsh strike against the economic management of the then president, Lenín Moreno, in particular against a decree which permanently increased the price of gasoline, which is also one of the ongoing complaints.

Source metroecuador.com

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