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This is how the indigenous influencer went viral on the networks during the mobilizations of the models

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June 27, 2022 at 12:24 p.m.

The national strike in Ecuador continues, as well as the applause on social networks for Leonardo Sefla. It is the young “Puruhá” who has gone viral on social networks for his physical attraction and his passion for the sport of calisthenics.

But in addition to that, the native influencer also posted several photos on her modeling Instagram in her typical and quirky outfits. Sefla has two profiles, one personal and one of her resistance routines.

In the first, he only has four publications, but they reveal an indigenous man who, through modeling, lets us know a little about his roots and, above all, the daily life of the moor.

The image that traveled the most on social media and impressed netizens was that of Leonardo using a red poncho and dark lines, exposing his torso, to highlight his athletic abdomen following his work as a ‘coaching.

She also wears a hat that protects her long hair in a braid. The photography is carried out by the agency “Paway photography”, with the mountains in the background which enhance the landscape of the Ecuadorian highlands.

The following post shows the native in the middle of a natural landscape. Before going into the description of the photographic setting, we can emphasize that the influencer likes to highlight this type of place, as here he is standing in the middle of a waterfall.

“Be a part of me,” he says in the post description. The boy is standing, wearing only a radiator and his hat, since his personal mark is his musculature. The curious thing about this ‘post’ is that she wears an ancestral necklace and bracelet.

Finally, in addition to the practice of calisthenics, he also decided to publish content modeling a position of this great sport. “Remember the easy goes, the hard always lasts,” he wrote in the post’s description.

So this incredible character went viral in the middle of his participation in the mobilizations. As a result of appearing with a shield, in the middle of the centers of peace, in the House of Culture, Central University of Ecuador or Salesiana; or in the streets supporting their brothers in the indigenous movement, the “Puruhá” is now a trend among Internet users.

Source metroecuador.com

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