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This is how the extension of subsidies for the purchase of electric cars will be distributed by autonomists

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Valencia, the Basque Country, Navarra, the Canary Islands and Aragon will be the municipalities that will receive an extension of Plan Moves III, the program to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and the installation of charging infrastructure. According to the executive to Five daysthe increase in funds announced last week by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez amounts to a total of 101.47 million euros, of which 42% will go to the Valencian Community.

This quantity on top of the increase announced by the government back in Aprilas it increased the Moves III games for Madrid, Castilla y León, the Balearic Islands and Cataloniathis last one the municipality that received the most money of this incentive plan, with more than 131.17 million. Far behind are Madrid with 87.9 million and Valencia with 85.26 million.

Total are to date Plan movements IIIwhich had an initial budget of 400 million, was expanded by more than 226.39 million. This amount may increase further in the coming months should more autonomous communities request it, as the government left the door open for an additional 400 million expansion when approving Moves III.

Likewise the tools

The Moves III plan offers grants of up to 7,000 euros to those who want to buy an electric car and scrap one over seven years old. If an old car is not scrapped, the aid remains at 4,500 euros.

For electric transporters, the subsidy is 9,000 eurosEUR 1,300 for electric motorcycles if the customer scraps a vehicle that is more than seven years old, as with a car.

In addition, the plan provides aid for Installation of charging points. Moves III covers up to 70% of the costs for installing charging points for the self-employed, private individuals, owner associations and municipalities that do not carry out commercial activities.

For their part , companies can cover 35 % of the costs of publicly accessible charging infrastructures with a power of at least 50 kW and 30 % of the costs of infrastructures for private or public use with a power of less than 50 kW .

The vehicle must not exceed 45,000 euros

The Moves III plan sets price limits for eligible vehicles for this utility. For passenger cars, the maximum price to receive the subsidy is 45,000 euros excluding VAT and 53,000 euros in the case of a vehicle with eight to nine seats. The maximum price for electric motorcycles is 10,000 euros.

In addition to electric cars, plug-in hybrids with ranges of between 30 and 90 kilometers can also benefit from the plan. The amount of aid for these vehicles is EUR 2,500, and up to EUR 5,000 if the client scraps a car that is more than seven years old.

Source elpais.com

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