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This is how swimsuits stay beautiful for a long time

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bikini day
This is how swimsuits stay beautiful for a long time

July 5th is bikini day.

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July 5th is bikini day. As a constant companion in the summer, they are quite in demand. Swimwear stays beautiful longer.

The bikini is our constant companion during the summer months and has to endure a lot: salt water, chlorine, sunscreen and the sun are not exactly good for swimwear. Proper maintenance is often overlooked and, in the worst case, parts are discolored or worn out after one season. But it can be avoided! With these tips, your bikini and swimsuit will stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Wash the bikini well

Salt water and chlorine as well as residues of sunscreen and sand alter the elasticity and color intensity of the bikini. Therefore, the bikini should be rinsed with clear, cold water immediately after swimming.

Do not twist!

If the bikini gets wet, you should never wring it out. It also disrupts the elasticity of the fabric and the bikini loses its shape. Instead, you can place the bikini between two dry towels and gently wring out the water. Then leave to air dry. Also, you should not hang the bikini or dry it in the sun.

Do not tan in a wet bikini

After cooling off in the sea, lake or swimming pool, most people first lie down in the sun to dry off and warm up. A mistake! Because the sun’s rays bleach the color of the wet bikini and damage the fabric. Better to put in the shade to dry.

Soak in sunscreen

Patience is also required for creaming. Because the bikini should come into contact with sunscreen as little as possible. Chemicals can damage the fabric and stain it. Therefore: After applying the cream, wait about half an hour until the cream is completely absorbed.

Hand washing

If you want to keep your bikini or swimsuit for several seasons, you must wash it by hand or use the hand or delicate program of the washing machine. In all cases, garments must first be returned to the machine to protect the color. If the bikini has underwire or metal elements, you should put it in a laundry net. Swimsuits definitely don’t belong in the dryer!

Vinegar color protection

If you want to prevent the bikini from changing color from neon to pastel, you can count on vinegar. It has a color fixing effect. To do this, soak the bikini in water with a tablespoon of vinegar before washing it and then rinse it.


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