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This is how long you should leave the shampoo on according to the experts

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The shampoo It is the most essential product for the good care of the Hair. To use it, its nutrients and properties must be taken into account to ensure that we provide our scalp with a good product (whether natural or artificial). However, it is also essential to take into account how long the shampoo should work on your head.

Specialists say that washing your hair should not become a daily habitbecause it can dry out the hair and irritate the helmet because the natural oils produced to protect us from external agents will be eliminated.

Each time varies according to person’s hair

Likewise, specialists also point out that the length of time hair should be shampooed will vary from person to person. To determine how long to leave the shampoo on, you need to consider hair length and thickness, as well as hair condition and type. In other words, the panorama will change, for example, for women who have dry, damaged, dyed or greasy hair.

On average, the shampoo should stay on the hair for up to three minutes, maximum. In short, healthy hair, it will take a minute, while in abundant, damaged hair, it will take up to five minutes or more.

You should also keep in mind the ingredients that make up the shampoosince if it contains sulfates and parabens, it will be enough to leave it in our hair for a minute and rinse it quickly, to avoid overexposing it to these chemicals.

Another question about using shampoo is how much should be used. According to specialists, for short or medium hair, a portion similar to the size of an almond will suffice, while for long hair, it is recommended that the shampoo be similar to the size of a walnut.

Source metroecuador.com

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