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This is how ‘La Caldera del Sur’ was left after heavy rain with hail in Quito

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August 02, 2022 at 5:15 p.m.

Heavy rains accompanied by hail were reported in different parts of the capital. The landscape of Quito was painted white in the streets, the houses and also on the cars that used various roads. Likewise, the house of ‘Papá Aucas’ was covered with small particles of frozen water, transforming the appearance of the playground.

‘La Caldera del Sur’ now looks like an ice rink and hockey pitch, after the sudden change in weather hit the south of the capital this afternoon.

However, the new natural phenomenon gives a picturesque look to the Chillogallo stadium which has witnessed great matches of the Ecuadorian football championship.

Here are the majestic images after the recent rains in the south of Quito, where the sports house is located:

The sky is falling in Quito!

In the afternoon of Tuesday, August 2, the state of the weather in the capital was reported via Twitter. Heavy rain accompanied by hail has hit several areas of Quito.

Streets, rooftops and cars covered in white, that was the atmosphere that happened an hour ago before God. Municipal authorities have indicated that on some roads there are “dangerous water currents”, for which they ask citizens to drive with caution.

A cold and cloudy climate was the scene at the end of July and the beginning of August for the inhabitants of Quito, who are currently reporting the effects of this sudden change in climate from different points of view.

With heavy rains ended in July

In the afternoon and night of this Sunday, July 31, the rain surprised the inhabitants of Quito in different areas of the city. Several places were affected by the torrential rains which contrasted with the strong sun recorded in the morning.

As a result, several streets in the Calderón sector were flooded due to the collapse of the sewers. Thanks to social networks, some videos have gone viral showing the serious situation which even keeps some vehicles trapped in the water.

According to the cameras of ECU 911, the most affected parts would be the Colegio Pomasqui sector, Panamericana Norte and Av. Carapungo y Calderón.

Source metroecuador.com

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