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This footballer got cancer after being shot in the testicles

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October 2013 meant a gray period for the Argentinian footballer Jonás Gutiérrez, who learned he had cancer.

This condition was derived from a blow he received in the testicles, situation that turned his life around 180 degrees.

For five consecutive seasons, Jonás was the undisputed starter at Newcastle in England. His level even helped him play in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

But cancer completely changed his life; Moreover, the English team did not help him at all in this process.he therefore navigated an unstable path, in which thinking about death was common.

“He spoke very good English, but I didn’t understand when the doctor said the word ‘tumour’ to me. I started to cry, I went home and my father was there, who didn’t understand either. For us, as players, they make us look like superheroes and we start to believe it. By training every day, always with doctors, you enter a world where it seems that it will never touch you.

“I decided to go to Argentina for treatment. They removed my left testicle, they did everything so that the metastases did not appear and then the healing was due to the surgery more than anything else. With chemotherapy, you feel that the body accumulates a lot of fatigue, so you spend a lot of time in bed sleeping. You are also starting to lose your hair, which I always had very long, your eyebrows, your beard; you become inflamed by the medicine. It’s something different.”

Jonás Gutiérrez, former Manchester United player

The player has conquered the disease, it made him have a resounding change in his life, because afterwards nothing was the same.

Newcastle fans forgot about him, despite the fact that he was a reference, but that suspicion was left aside, because the most important thing was to be alive.

His last team as a professional footballer was Almagro, institution with which he said goodbye to the sport that gave him everything, even a fight against death.

Source metroecuador.com

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