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“This discussion breaks my heart”

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Ukraine calls for a no-fly zone. But the West fears the escalation it could bring. In the podcast, experts and authors talk about the war.

Sabine Fischer of the “Foundation for Science and Policy” in conversation with the political head of ZEIT, Heinrich Wefing © Maximilian Probst for DIE ZEIT

Since the invasion of Ukraine the world is different because of the Russian troops. Heinrich Wefing, Policy Director at ZEIT, talks with ZEIT Editor Alice Bota and Sabine Fischer from der Science and Policy Foundation, Ukrainian author Jurij Andrukhovych and Belarusian author Viktor Martinowitsch on the war in Ukraine, the no-fly zone under discussion, the perception of the situation in Russia and Belarus, and whether Vladimir Putin will be doomed by the war. And what gives them hope in these dark times.

On the discussion of the no-fly zone, Yuriy Andrukhovych said: “This is a measure that takes away from Putin, the aggressor, one of the most important, most brutal and most terrible components of his aggression.” Sabine Fischer replied: “The consequence would be the entry of NATO into the war with all kinds of consequences. This discussion breaks my heart, I will say it in all honesty, because I perfectly understand the desire of the Ukrainian side.” But: “I can understand NATO’s attitude.”

The conversation is a recording of the #StandWithUkraine event on March 7, 2022 at german theater Hamburg.

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