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They were pederasts: they catch a group that offered ‘humanitarian aid’ to Ukrainian refugees

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They took advantage of the fact that more than 90% of war refugees Russia versus Ukraine they are women and children, several British sex perverts have traveled to Poland to offer “humanitarian aid” to those who have fallen into their hands.

This Thursday, the Polish authorities detected that ten men had open cases for crimes related to pederasty and had moved to capture other victims.

“A spokesperson for the NCA explained that these ten “sex offenders” were intercepted by the Polish authoritiesquestioned and then sent back to the UK.

The source added that it is no coincidence “that ten known British pedophiles visited Poland in the first six weeks after the invasion of Ukraine, supposedly to provide humanitarian aid,” he quoted Infobae.

millions on the run

Since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Poland has become the most important humanitarian corridor. There are 1.2 million Ukrainians registered for temporary protection in Poland, where most of them live in rented properties or are hosted by people who voluntarily offer them accommodation.

This situation is also known to those who engage in human trafficking, taking advantage of the powerlessness to which they are exposed. For the UN refugee agency, “about 20% continue in transit centers or collective sites like Global Expo. Not wanting to stay away from Ukraine and their relatives for long, and without better prospects in Poland, they live in suspense.

A risk for the most vulnerable

And these are only figures for Poland, but for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 9.5 million people are fleeing the armed conflict which celebrated this Friday 149 days. It is known that the number of refugees crossing the Ukrainian border into the rest of Europe has steadily increased since February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the offensive.

“Russian forces have turned the occupied areas of southern Ukraine into an abyss of fear and savage anarchy… Torture, inhuman treatment, as well as arbitrary detention and unlawful confinement of civilians, are among the apparent war crimes we have documented,” HRW Ukraine researcher Yulia Gorbunova said in a statement released by ecoavant.

Ukrainians leave mainly for Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus and Moldova.

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