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They discover a woman who has been writing fake Wikipedia articles for years

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Currently, the Internet and its various search engines are essential weapons to search for any type of information, especially the Wikipedia portal, used by millions of people around the world for its extensive and detailed data of any kind. However, many teachers, parents and specialists warn that you should not always believe what you find on the web and that it is essential to seek other opinions to confirm if what you read is true. or false.

Through research and reconfirmation of data, it was discovered in China that a woman had been writing and posting false information on the aforementioned university portal for years.


Last June, a renowned Chinese novelist known as Yifan turned to Wikipedia for some medieval Russian information he needed to corroborate in order to cite it in his next book. This was one of the made-up articles that talked about a Russian silver mine, while doing research for his new book.

By finding the object of his research, I consult the sources of the remarks without being able to obtain an answer since the supposed writer was never able to give them. The novelist discovered and reported the scam because the article was so detailed that it included information on the composition of the soil, the structure of the mine and the processes of refining silver.

When Yifan tried to check the references with Russian experts, she realized that the pages and versions of the books cited by the Chinese author did not even exist.


The main protagonist of the story is known as Zhemao, who called herself into the cyber environment as an academic and the daughter of a Chinese diplomat stationed in Russia. It was not possible to determine the exact dates when he used computer scams, but it was clarified that he published 206 fictional articles, so complex, extensive and interconnected, that they were mistaken for real for more than ten years.

Zhemao admitted that her identity was false and that she is in fact a simple housewife residing in China without a doctorate in history. Moreover, he clarified that he fabricated information, assembling the articles by mixing fake data with real events and imaginatively altered historical facts.

Source metroecuador.com

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