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They call them hypocrites: Disney reuses Johnny Depp’s image as “Jack Sparrow” and excites fans

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After years of fighting for his reputation, Johnny Depp calmed down after winning the lawsuit against Amber Heard and also to make appearances at Disney theme parks.

And it is that several fans of the actor who have attended the shows in recent days, have reported through social networks that the American company again projected Captain Jack Sparrow played by him.

In the midst of its play of lights and animations, The particular character who took his career to another level is already reviewed, In addition, Depp’s voice is heard saying several parliaments.

This was suspended by the brand that produced the film saga a long time ago, due to her ex-partner’s accusations of having suffered domestic violence during their relationship.

However, now that US justice has ruled that she defamed him in the column in which he made his case known to the world, They restored the artist’s confidence.

Disney gives a new opportunity to the famous and for days it has been rumored that Johnny Depp could work with them again. However, during the trial, he was not convinced.

A few weeks ago he said that he felt ‘betrayed’ by the company for leaving him out over the accusations and said he wouldn’t step into Sparrow’s boots even “for $300 million”,

“If Disney came to you with $300 million and a million alpacas, nothing in the world would make you work with Disney again on a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie? It’s correct?”, and Depp replied under oath, “It’s true.”

It destroyed fans’ expectations of seeing him again in the film series, which will have a sixth installment, but this new rapprochement between the two could change the landscape.

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