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They broadcast videos of the feminicide of Yrma Lydya at the Suntory restaurant

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Some recordings of the singer’s murder Yrma Lydia in the Restaurant Suntory, allegedly at the hands of her husband Jesus Hernández Alcocer were revealed by the Mexico City attorney general’s office.

In the videos broadcast on Foro TV, we observe how the two escorts of the singer’s husband, identified as Benjamin and Omar, witness the moment of the attack.

The tape shows the driver named Benjamín, dressed in black, leaving the restaurant at 8:25 p.m. on Thursday, June 23, to do this they are already in the private Yrma Lydia and her husband.

Seconds later, the escort identified as Omar enters, carrying a bag over his shoulder, where city authorities assume he entered a gun to give it to Jesús Hernández Alcocer and commit the crime.

Then we see Omar leaving the private restaurant.

A few minutes later, the two escorts, Benjamín and Omar enter the building when the three shots are heard.

Omar is immediately seen running out of the restaurant with the detonated weapon, the local prosecutor’s office assumes.

Note that the 40 caliber pistol with which the young singer was killed was found in one of her husband’s homes. Well, until then Escort Omar would have taken her.

For the prosecution, the two bodyguards of Hernández Alcocer played an accomplice role in the femicide of Yrma Lydya. They also clarify that there is no video of the private area where the singer’s murder took place as it is an exclusive area of ​​the restaurant.

Shooter entered private Suntory, defense says Yrma Lydya’s husband

Ángel Fernando Hernández Guadarrama, Jesús Hernández Alcocer’s lawyer, assures that the singer’s husband Yrma Lydia It was not the one who shot her to kill her, but rather a “shooter” who entered the private room of the Suntory restaurant, located in the Del Valle neighborhood.

“There was talk of a shooter totally unrelated to him, this person is not an extortionist, he has been fully identified. He is also identified by witnesses”, he also said that this is entirely accredited on video.

With said video, in addition, the innocence of Benjamín, the driver of the 79-year-old man and who is also in prison, would be proven.

“There were no bullets in the head against Yrma Lydya, Don Jesús did not shoot, he is as much a victim as the relatives”, assured the lawyer in an interview for Ciro Gómez Leyva.

Source metroecuador.com

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