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They assure that there is a conflict between Shakira and Antonella Rocuzzo, Messi’s wife: this could be the reason

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As if that were not enough for Shakira, once again she is in the public eye, as they assure that there is a conflict between her and Antonella Rocuzzo, the wife of footballer Lionel Messi, player of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

One of those people is Antonella Rocuzzo, Messi’s wife when he was still living in Spain and part of the Barcelona club.

How did a feud between Shakira and Antonella Rocuzzo originate?

Although neither of the women denied these differences, the rumor of their feud was fueled when the Argentine star joined his new team. Lorena Vázquez said that this began when Nuria Tomása close friend of Messi’s wife, was also Pique’s girlfriend and it was then that the footballer met Shakira.

Shakira and Pique’s love began with scandals, Well, you have to remember that Pique was said to have been unfaithful to Nuria with the Colombian. Sin embargo, esta apparent dispute se dio cuando se realizó una comida en casa de Messi y Antonella, en que a Shakira no le agradó el banquete y, tiempo después, Rocuzzo se enteró, según la periodista Yanina Latorres del programa “Los ángeles de the morning”.

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Another factor that could trigger this feud is that Pique and Shakira weren’t present at the Argentine star’s farewell party in Barcelona.

Although these statements were left in doubt, after one of the Colombian’s posts on Instagram regarding her father’s health, Antonella responded with a message, where she put five heart emojis.

In this video, Shakira showed how she lived the rehabilitation of her father, victim of a fall and it was Messi’s wife who did not hesitate to react to show her support.

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Source metroecuador.com

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