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They assure that Régé-Jean Page is about to return to ‘Bridgerton’: That’s what he knows

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We believed that everything was said or announced concerning the “Bridgerton” series, but the reality is that after several attempts, because one of his favorite characters like the Duke of Hastings, played by the handsome Régé-Jean Page, returned, he would now be ready to please his fans.

And it is that after his unexpected departure, after the success that the series offered him in the premiere of the first season, this leading actor had a lot of proposals which led him to take the hard decision to put aside this project with which he became famous, but in which he could not continue due to other proposals that he could not rule out, but today today it is in negotiations that will lead to change your mind, so it is very likely that it can be seen in the third installment in which its protagonists will be Colin and Penelope.

This not only makes the loyal audience of this production very happy, It is based on the novels by Julia Quinn. but it also helps to further strengthen the plot, since Daphne will no longer appear alone in her scenes.

Regé-Jean Page is set to return to the third season of ‘Bridgerton’

the news that the handsome actor Régé-Jean Page would be about to back to ‘Bridgerton’ social networks have collapsed, because there is no one who has not yet regretted his farewell to this plot in which he undoubtedly stole the hearts of the public after having rubbed shoulders with him his co-star Phoebe Dynevor, one of the most romantic, tender and seductive couples that the vast majority like keep watching on screen and now next to your child.

“Régé-Jean has always been very open about his intention to leave the production after the first season and move on to other projects. But recently there has been a dialogue between him and those responsible for the series. Nothing has yet to be formally agreed, but it may be so.”, This is what an informant expressed to The Sun portal. And that was enough for all of his followers to sigh for his return.

Even this informant so close to this star assured that he was excited and almost convinced to return to the series which gave him the impetus to his career in which now he has had nothing but success, so much so that called to be Daniel Craig’s successor for the next Agent 007 tape.

Source metroecuador.com

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