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They assure that Pique will have more difficulty overcoming the breakup than Shakira, according to a study

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June 20, 2022 at 5:29 p.m.

The breakup of Shakira and Gerard Pique, after almost 12 years together and two children, Milan and Sasha, has generated countless news and analysis on the situation of this couple.

The couple’s private life has always been in the spotlight, but with the confirmation of the separation, the vigilance of the Spanish media of the heart increased to obtain the least scoop on the famous.

According to entertainment experts, It will cost more for the FC Barcelona defender to overcome the separation than Shakiraalthough he claims that It was Pique who made the decision to part ways, despite the singer allegedly begging him for an opportunity.

science is not wrong

A study conducted by Binghamton University in New York and University College London in London, which analyzed gender differences in response to the end of a romantic relationship, He concluded that men have a harder time recovering than women.

The study explains that women feel more pain immediately after a breakup but recover emotionally sooner than menwhich continues but may never recover.

The findings, published in the behavioral science journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, suggest that women experience a greater emotional and physical impact after the breakup.

Shakira rises from the ashes

They ensure that the females they tend to recover earlier and become emotionally stronger.

According to the last appearances of the Colombian singer, it is assumed that she looks too thin and with a sad air, despite the fact that in recent press encounters she tries to be nice, even with a gesture.

Also He rose from his ashes like a phoenix with his appearances on social networks and the two musical hits that broke the record for views.

Stung with his single life

As for men, researchers say that tend not to fully recover but simply move onsaw again BBC World.

Pique, the few times he was seen on camera he is annoyed, evasive, and arrogant in the face of reporters’ questions and the spotlight of cameras.

But the footballer continued his single life, he travels, attends private parties and is seen with other women as happened this weekend at a private party in Sweden.

This situation does not say anything about the feelings that the two celebrities have on their particular situation, which did not give an explanation beyond the press release published by the Spanish agency EFE, confirming the rupture.

Source metroecuador.com

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